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Buy one bottle of ?wine?

Get a platter for FREE !!

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Cheese or Sausage

with homme made bread & butter if you want



Typical Italian Menu for 2/3 persons

9 courses

250 RMB

not included 1 bottle of wine

special cheap offer for this menu: Sole Luna Nero d'Avolo 75 RMB
or any other wine of your choice 50 RMB cheaper

engl wiki uk Structure of an Italian Meal ;

1. Bottle of wine
2. water
Aperitivo wiki
The aperitivo opens a meal, and it is similar to an appetiser.
Most people gather around standing up and have alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks such as wine, prosecco, champagne or spumante.
Occasionally small amounts of food are consumed, such as olives, crisps, nuts, cheese, sauce dips, little quiches or similar snacks.
3. Free aperitif you can choose : Campari, Cinzano, Prosecco, Aperol, Spritz, Vermouth(free)
1. the wine of your choice
Antipasto wiki
literally "before (the) meal", hot or cold appetizers
4. Bread on table with oil and salt (free)
5. Cheesy bread with ham (28) or 5. Garlic bread(22)
6. semi dried tomatoes/pickles baby onions(18) or 6. + grain potato or grain broccoli (25)
Primo wiki
"first course", usually consists of a hot dish like pasta, risotto, gnocchi, or soup.
7. Tagliatelle Verdi all’Alfredo (52) or 7. Italian Lasagna (52) or 7. green pesto (58)
"second course", the main dish, usually fish or meat.
Traditionally veal, pork and chicken are most commonly used, at least in the North,
though beef has become more popular since World War II and wild game is found, particularly in Tuscany.
Fish are generally caught locally.
8. 1 pizza of your choice (48-72)
except: durian,nutella,four cheese or Salsiccia !!+50!!
8. Petto d’anatra(68) or arrosto di vitello(78) or
Italy lamb (plus 100 rmb)(168) or bacon wrapped(plus 50)(128)
A contorno, or plural contorni (side dishes) are commonly served alongside a secondo.
These usually consist of vegetables, raw or cooked, hot or cold.
They are always served in a separate dish, never in the same plate as the meat.

"side dish", may be a salad or cooked vegetables. A traditional menu features salad along with the main course.
9. Buffalo mozzarella cheese and tomato (48) or Parmesan vegetable salad (36) or Smocked black pepper duck salad (42)
"sweet", such as cakes (like Tiramisu) and cookies
10. Cake of the day
Coffee is often drunk at the end of a meal, even after the digestivo.
Italians, unlike many countries, do not have milky coffees or drinks after meals (such as Cappucino or Caffe macchiato),
but strong coffee-drinks such as espresso, which is often drunk very quickly in small cups at very high temperatures.
11. Espresso , American coffee , caffee Latte , Cappuccino (25)
"digestives", liquors/liqueurs, grappa, amaro, limoncello, sambuca, nocino or other fruit/herbal drinks
(sometimes referred to as ammazzacaffè"coffee killer", if served after the coffee,)
The digestivo is the drink to conclude the meal.
Digestivo indicates that the drinks served at this time are meant to ease digestion after a long meal.
12. Your choice: grappa or amaro or limoncello or sambuca or nocino or Jager (20)

German Day / Deutscher Stammtisch

Deutsches Bier, etwas deutsche Musik
und ab 19:00 bin Ich, Dirk , seit fast 10 Jahren in Kunming,
anwesend um etwas deutsch zu plaudern/quatschen/klönen.

Campari Orange + Caffe Corettoo

Campari Orange 20 RMB &
Caffè corretto ( Espresso with Grappa) 25 RMB

special unique beer

special beer special
every Wednesday we have some new beer,
we never sold before;
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special unique desserts / sweets